Sunday, May 31, 2009

how ready are you for this??

i have actually been waiting to see this movie since i saw the teaser trailer in JANUARY. maybe it's cliche, maybe it's been done, whaaaatever, i don't care. i love miss zooey deschanel and i can't wait. although clearly i will have to.

exercise exorcise

berries for breakfast
exercise exercise
walking the eastside
and up at my favorite theatre?

i think my bad mood has finally been exorcised.

that's my new favorite camel

i absolutely just saw the best movie i've seen in theatres in.....years probably.


if you haven't seen it, go see it immediately.
it is so visually stunning // the locations, the sets, the shots...
the men are dapper, the women are beautiful,
and it is impeccably written.

a love story about truth.
and who doesn't want to see that?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i just adore this.

be daring

vogue us around last year's metgala i believe

eyes as candles

happy saturday morning!!

it's still so gloomy here weather-wise, but things are looking up other-wise.

early morning exercise, farmer's market (the return of plums and pluots and peaches makes me soooo happy!!), and home to the most beautiful flowers sitting on my doorstep from someone who i love dearly. i can't help but smile.

off to a delicious lunch of avocado, tomato, balsalmic vinegar, sourdough and black bean hummus...
and then to art walk down around miracle mile....

[side note, it's really hard to dress in this cold weather when it's supposedly summer...]

Friday, May 29, 2009


i love these colors
the most purple + merrigold + (massive!) slate grey + red lips
and her amazing hair finishes it off perfectly.

so much heart

via thesenewlittlethings

being understood is just the best.

whose side are you on? what side is this anyway?

last night i had a work event of sorts....korean bbq (vegetables for me), hite beer, four hours of karaoke....HILARIOUS.

i sang about every song you can think of (except they didn't have baby got back, what is that?) including waterfalls (left eye would have been proud of my rap skills), bye bye bye, if it makes you happy, i wanna dance with somebody...and barbie girl. yes. my abs are actually sore from some combination of singing (my singing is something akin to yelling) and laughing.

today is SO GREY. i'd rather it just go ahead and rain.

hopefully i will come out of this weekend cheered.

i hope everyone has a lovely lovely friday afternoon, maybe with rain, maybe without rain, but with a smile :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i have been in quite the black hole since....sunday evening...and i can't get out.
today i almost got hit by a car.
i wish i was kidding.
after i stopped being freaked out, i chuckled.

and you know what
i am SO tired of not saying what i think because i might freak someone out. HEAVEN FORBID I HAVE FEELINGS [AND BAD ONES!]!
since when are we supposed to be happy all the time?
and if we're not, we're crazy?

i could scream.
but i'd rather just cry.
unfortunately i can't even muster tears.

as low as

vpl love

i need a new black something to throw on over everything.


vogue paris decjan 0708 via ecstasy lover

hosiery is so very sexy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

alberta cross makes me think of


if i don't see passion pit or lykke li (at hollywood forever, no less!) i might die.
i really might.

[no, really.]
why keep going?

jane birkin + serge gainsbourg =

charlotte gainsbourg

vogue paris junejuly2009 fashionising

a patterned life

[sequined hotpants, please?]

good morning, beautiful people

vogue paris junejuly08 via ecstasylover

things i think i have failed to mention::

1. when i went to find a replacement for my sadly overused jeans....i happened upon THE superfine alexander wang jeans in a size that i thought would in no way fit on my body, but thanks to stretch and zippers, they did, and i AM obsessed. the shopping gods were smiling on friday. (dear people i know that read this, if you see me wearing them every day and it's really obvious because there are gratuitous zippers...who am i kidding, zippers are never gratuitous...anyhow, don't judge. or do judge, but i don't care. i love them.)

2. thanks to a lovely friend i am getting to go see what basically amounts to the final dress rehearsal of the new tonight show with conan today. yessiree, i'll be on the universal lot this afternoon, hopefully laughing my pants off. my alexander wang superfine black zippered amazing pants, that is.

3. small inconsequential note, but, i feel better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

should have

vodianova in vogue paris feb05 via ecstasy lover

don't you feel this angsty sometimes?

it just feels like a restless night to me.
and i feel so restless right now.

the game

vogue paris sept06 via el

these boots and tights are !!
california, you break my heart.

why can't we love everyone? we're all the same.
we're all people.
it's too easy to forget.

it makes me really really sad.

chloe chloe chloe

elle june via fgr

Monday, May 25, 2009

one heart cannot hold all of this

i really don't feel well and i just want to curl up and make it go away.

sickness is no fun :(

[but the above was my lovely afternoon before i started feeling ill..]
hope your memorial day was nice, and full of memories...and memorials.

i wanted to say

how very much i love you, dd.

you save my life.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


silja magg via fgr

morning morning!

my lovely friend, annie, just finally moved back south and is coming to play with me today and i am VERY excited! brunch skylight books eastside wandering and finally, a picnic and dazed and confused in the cemetery this evening. perfect sunday.

(especially since tomorrow is sunday all over again!)


i'm sorry i've been so absent this week!
so exhausted right now (bed, here i come), but will try to catch up soon.

i hope everyone's holiday weekend is going swimmingly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

iD issue #300 . suvi koponen . fgr .

hanging studs rhinestones chains leopard print fringe love