Saturday, January 31, 2009

more sheer and lace

numero by lagerfeld via wicked halo

because it's sogreat

fuschia red

valentino couture s09 via wwd

i SUPER love long sleeved gowns

sheer sheer sheer

jean paul gaultier couture s09 via wwd

is that wedding dress not the most crazy fabulous thing you've ever seen?
it makes me laugh. (in the best way)

also, black lips again.

lipstick and frilly cream


i went looking for some allllmost black lipstick yesterday and i couldn't find any...
surely it's somewhere.

Friday, January 30, 2009

so much



class ic

vogue nippon by tim walker via wicked halo

fry day

happy last day of the work week!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


numero feb09

echoplex tonight, kids.


these are kind of great, yeah?

paisley pumice

helmut lang

on my ever-growing list.

shine on

check out those boots.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

here and there

cathy pill couture s09 via wwd

felipe oliveira baptista couture s09 via wwd


(and those looong latex gloves)

lacy and nude

christian lacroix couture s09 via wwd

may i say how surprised i am by how much i like this collection?

it's scale may be much different than usual...and while i suppose there is nothing particularly challenging about it, there are some lovely things happening in it.

(i am DYING over the nude patterned tights and nude shoes. dying.)

crimped hair

christian dior couture s09 via wwd

this collection wasn't quite as striking as some of the others to me
(not that it isn't easy on the eyes)

but i do very much like ::
> the color palette (blues and reds are so beautiful together)
> the careful pleating and interesting volumes
> that red skirt!!!
> and the attention to the inside of the dress' skirts...

(i don't want couture to die...)


margiela artisanal s09 via wwd

mr margiela took the most common materials and turned them into structured and beautiful pieces (the paper towel jacket...)

he never fails to impress.

but givenchy

power suit much?

(my favorite)

givenchy s09 couture via fashionologie

even better.

the chains and satin and feathers shoulders and sheer and
even a world of flowers
(just a little more corpse than karl's)

...and the addition of lavender to the creams and whites is beautiful



chanel s09 couture via fashionologie

you did GOOD.