Friday, May 29, 2009

whose side are you on? what side is this anyway?

last night i had a work event of sorts....korean bbq (vegetables for me), hite beer, four hours of karaoke....HILARIOUS.

i sang about every song you can think of (except they didn't have baby got back, what is that?) including waterfalls (left eye would have been proud of my rap skills), bye bye bye, if it makes you happy, i wanna dance with somebody...and barbie girl. yes. my abs are actually sore from some combination of singing (my singing is something akin to yelling) and laughing.

today is SO GREY. i'd rather it just go ahead and rain.

hopefully i will come out of this weekend cheered.

i hope everyone has a lovely lovely friday afternoon, maybe with rain, maybe without rain, but with a smile :)

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Dannie said...

nice comfy looking jumpsuit...would be perfect for spring with no top underneath