Wednesday, May 27, 2009

good morning, beautiful people

vogue paris junejuly08 via ecstasylover

things i think i have failed to mention::

1. when i went to find a replacement for my sadly overused jeans....i happened upon THE superfine alexander wang jeans in a size that i thought would in no way fit on my body, but thanks to stretch and zippers, they did, and i AM obsessed. the shopping gods were smiling on friday. (dear people i know that read this, if you see me wearing them every day and it's really obvious because there are gratuitous zippers...who am i kidding, zippers are never gratuitous...anyhow, don't judge. or do judge, but i don't care. i love them.)

2. thanks to a lovely friend i am getting to go see what basically amounts to the final dress rehearsal of the new tonight show with conan today. yessiree, i'll be on the universal lot this afternoon, hopefully laughing my pants off. my alexander wang superfine black zippered amazing pants, that is.

3. small inconsequential note, but, i feel better.

1 comment: said...

aren't these jeans so shoshie?!! ps. i hate your work out schedule but i love you so dearly!!!!