Thursday, December 10, 2009

i love you the best way i know how

the selby

some things ::

1. generosity and selflessness are not the same.

eggers, circa 2000, re: keeping shit real [like everyone else on the internet]

3. re: #2, it's difficult when something you love becomes popular, loved by everyone, because it means that mass amounts of people are able to connect and be moved by that art, effectively feeling the same things you are. your feelings and experiences are suddenly not singular, nor are they happening for the first time. this should probably be more comforting than it is.

4. work is exhausting and frustrating beyond belief most days but it's fulfilling to know that i'm doing whatever it is i'm doing the best way i know how, the most i know how.

5. listen to the this american life this week [
"mind games"]. it's amazing all around. but :: "you know how you appear crazier when you're trying to prove to somebody that you're not crazy?" :: i'm glad i'm not the only one :: see

6. birthday presents, heart tights!, wooly mammoth vest, tote, surprise dinner webguest, <3

7. just because you're right, doesn't mean i'm wrong

8. i love my family and home and i hope you do too

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