Sunday, March 29, 2009

run run runaway // lost lost lost my mind

i have absolutely no idea what possessed me last night, but i got carried away saying things i a. shouldn't have been saying in the first place and b. things i really didn't even necessarily mean so c. is that i ended up sounding like a crazy person. correction: crazy girl. aaaand d. i now actually feel a little bit crazy so in my typical guilt ridden fashion (my mother says i should have been catholic) i am sitting around NOT feeling good about this sudden change of events. i wish i could erase it from history, but alas men in black is not real and i still remember. and unfortunately, i know i'm not the only one.

((all i really meant to say was, 'hey, it's way more fun when we get to talk'))
can someone please teach me to keep my mouth shut?

so, i guess i'm going to go do the cheering up plan :: pinkberry and skylight books.
i'm not that optimistic about their mind-erasing-capabilities though.

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Michal said...

hey, good luck there. thanks for all the prettyness you're sharing.