Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's love, not santa claus

vogue nippon march 2010 via fgr

to me, neutrals always highlight texture cut silhouette movement form
the obvious contrasts here, despite the pale pallette, are beautiful


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elle frostegard said...

WOW what a stunning editorial. Superb. I love it :)

tammie said...

love the angelic feel of this post :)

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Yanii Moodie said...

great post. do you buy Vogue Japan often? I would like to own one, one day.

jane smith said...

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•Stacy said...

nice photos :)

Maegen said...

I love how neutral this photo shoot was, the golden hay blending nicely with the soft whites and ivories. The outfits are superb as well.

♡♡♡♡ said...

Wow love this pictorial, just gorgeous!

bethalexandraaa said...

extroadinary editorial. completely in love, the setting is just perfect as well!

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peace and love
thank you!

Fore Accessory said...

These photos are so beautiful and the colors are amazing!! Such beautiful dresses! You look amazing!!

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S said...

Lovely :)