Monday, November 2, 2009

confession ::

oct 09 dazed and confused via fgr

i haven't been doing anything fashion related.
you know, except getting dressed every day.
i like to count that.

i was working.
14..16 hour days.
and then i got done
and then i slept.
for 17 hours.
and then...
then i did costume shopping and record shopping and errands and cookie baking and birthday partying
[hello, murder mystery party - 1985 class reunion - in which dum dum duuuum i was the (gasp!) DRAMA QUEEN and the murderer. oh yeah. i had this little porn i did early in my career with steve spielson. i didn't want it to get out. so i killed him. it got out. so i have a porn -- sooo what. everyone does these days. maybe i'll get my own reality tv show.]
but i digress.

anyway, i've been gone.
absent and inattentive.
i might get back on track....
i might not.

that waits to be seen.
probably, probably will.
stay tuned? please?

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