Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tonight's the night

little plastic horses

tonight at the echoplex
binary album release party
be there or be square

the album is amazing
the guys are amazing
come dance and be happy at the echoplex tomorrow
around 930 pm

[also, LG and i decided yesterday we are going to figure out how to dj so we have a socially acceptable reason to wear leotards in public. also, we're debating between calling ourselves 'heavenly bodies' and 'hawaiian tropic.' suggestions and votes, appreciated. alsox2, we did not come up with the name 'heavenly bodies' - it was a suggestion. this made us laugh hysterically. and alsox3, we just really want to wear leotards, lack of heavenly bodies or not.]
but really, come to the echoplex because we won't be djing.

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