Monday, October 5, 2009

lingering summer

it feels like fall outside (!!!)
summer is still lingering in my kitchen
came home late from a long monday at work to
heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn
cooked up + a glass of wine
and for desert - the end of my week's raspberries+blueberries

now to return some emails
fiddle with some graphics
joan didion//political fictions
[if you haven't read the year of magical thinking - you should. it is beyond beautiful.]

my lovely momma sent me the sartorialist bespoke edition
as a surprise last week to cheer me up!!
and oh how it did.
and signed!
some of my favorite photos are included
and some new ones i've never seen

....can't stop listening to bon iver+volcano choir
trying to relive the best night ever
someone should stop me before i make myself sick of it
[is that possible?]

okay, enough! byyyye

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