Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the beginning of the running list :: things i'm not obsessed with like everyone else is

1// silver. so if this was gold, i'd be a happy camper. (i don't get silver when you could have gold...)

2// the christopher kane graphic shirts. (though this gave me a good chuckle...)

3// isabelle lucas. she used to be at parties with us last summer some, and she's a lovely, kind girl, but i don't understand the hard-and-fast style-obsession. i mean she looks cute....but hardly a day passes without her appearance on a blog. that cute?

((i feel like there's enough negativity out there and i don't need to be spreading any more ... but i've never been one to agree just for the sake of being positive. so sorry if it seems negative, but we don't all have to like EVERYTHING.))

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