Sunday, July 5, 2009


i hope everyone had a wonderful july 4th weekend!!

sorry for my disappearances lately....i'm not sure where my mind has been but i've been absolutely terrible with keeping up with correspondence, the internet, etc.

this weekend was lovely
blendernight berries berries berries vodka lagunabeach bestfriend shagthemovie 101 huevos rancheros haaangover sleepoveragain bachelorette girltalk bluepaintednails sunshinetimes familycalls veggiedogscornonthecobcucumbersvinegarbakedbeansapplepie sheetswithindependencedayplayingonthemoutside friends friends beerponginthestreet solowin against afriend! teamloss against passerbys planetearthuntilfiveam sunshine silverlake stroll delicious dinner murakami sweetdreams

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Dannie said...

great photos
rachel bilson is sooo cute and perfect