Saturday, June 6, 2009

the more it tells you the less you know

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i have had so much work this week // weekend // it's not over yet BUT
on my way home this evening i went to see the brothers bloom again, as promised (and i can't say it's the last time), AND afterwards rian johnson the writer and director of both brick and bloom came out to answer questions !!!
magically the arclight placed me nearly by myself in the second row and as the stars fell in line i not only got to ask the last question, i got to speak with him briefly afterwards.

i can not think of a movie that has meant so much to me since the very first that really did, and tonight just felt like a wonderful wonderful stroke of good fortune.

so thank you, stars :)

[side note: he actually said that they rolled three racks of chanel and other amazing clothes into rinko's hotel room and she started throwing on vests backwards and three ties around her neck and ankles and going to town. so she did a lot of her own styling...pretty impressive.]

big smile on my face.
i hope you have one too, for one reason or another.

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