Friday, May 22, 2009

heart flutters in late spring

show me your wardrobe


sorry for my absence....busy week!
my computer is
[i was literally typing the above when my computer DID in fact run out of battery. i managed to blow a circuit in my apartment....and was powerless...sort of. the joy of old buildings. anyhow.]
i just wanted to say how much i love the above image -
the disco pants in the middle...i would wear them every weekend and wouldn't care that everyone noticed (how could you not notice those gems?) because they are so fabulously vegas WHO CARES!?
aaaand i love girlfriends, there is no replacement for them.
i feel so lucky to have wonderful women in my life and just seeing these girls smile together makes me happy.
so, happy friday-holiday-weekend everyone!
and have lots of smiles and fun.

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