Wednesday, March 25, 2009

suppose i never ever met you, suppose we never fell in love

via life in lomo

so a little bit ago now i was given this lovely little award by jami at one of my very favorite blogs, senseless acts of beauty.

if i followed the rules i would pass the award along to ten blogs i find fabulous, but since i think senselesss acts of beauty is so great i'm reserving one of them for her.

the lovely nine (not to exclude the other fifty blogs i read and love..this is hard.), of various shapes and colours, are ::

1. blood roses
2. these new little things
3. lolita
4. paper ice cream
5. life in lomo
6. from the desk of phyllis neffler
7. sweet beet and green bean
8. binary
9. vegan yum yum

(technically i think i'm supposed to say...go forth, tag some of your favorites, link to them, and let them know..but really i'm just saying, 'hey, i like you're stuff!' and you may do exactly as you please for your own lovely weblog :)