Saturday, March 21, 2009

so i'm wearing erin wasson's jeans. shamelessly.


okay, i had an insane, absolutely insane, work week. 70 hours of work + 14 hours of sleep later, the deadline was met, the bosses are pleased, and i'm alive to see another sunny (or not so sunny...) day. PHEW! i crashed last night, but right before i did i thank GOODNESS took the time to read most of my blogs AND i discovered miss erin wasson was doing a charity garage sale of her old clothes out in venice this morning. i didn't get out there quite as early as i would have liked (14 hours in 5 days is REALLY not much sleep) but around noon my lovely friend dana and i walked into what was a lovely shop with a few charmed pieces still left on the racks. i scored a pair of flared levis (praying they fit) and dana got an acne dress which erin later said was one of her favorites aaaaand an introduction later i had met erin wasson, who just seems like the most lovely person. she also happens to be insanely tall beautiful and talented, but those are just side notes to how kind and generous she seems.

the levis fit and i'm not taking them off.
which is probably for the best because i'm not sure i could peel them off of me anyway.
she's skinnnnny. and i'm quite sure she wore them baggy.....

anyhow, it's been a super lovely day so far, but i'm off to prepare for a farewell-to-dana-living-in-los-angeles dinner so i will be absent for a little bit longer, but hopefully back happier than ever tomorrow (though never happy my dd is leaving me).

i hope everyone has a wonderful and charmed weekend too!!
it's all what you make it :)

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