Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i was told there'd be cake

so i still don't have a voice, apparently thanks to laryngitis. which means there is nothing i can do but not talk and drink lots of water. not talking is toorrrture. it also basically doesn't work when i'm at the office, so i've resorted to whispering when necessary.

i don't feel like myself, my throat hurts, and i just want to stay home curled up in bed until it passes (which reeeeally is unlike me, and probably how i got myself into this situation in the first place) but there is much to be done at work. so it goes.

the happy things: this eyelash graphic i saw on lolita; i love it. cooking dinners with friends, planning sleepovers. and a few lovely messages i received that put an unexpected smile on my face. we'll see... :)

also, i'm reading this book of essays called 'i was told there'd be cake' and they are hilarious and so personally relevant at times i feel that i could have written passages myself. i HIGHLY recommend it. plus, it's by a lovely girl named sloane, which i have always adored and wanted to name a daughter. along with james. and sophia.

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