Sunday, March 15, 2009

echopark, warehouses, train tracks, and endless music, that unfortunately...did end.

last night....last night went until five am and phew. i went to the binary show at the echoplex and saw the kids are radioactive, short circuit, miami horror, and futurecop. allll great. after that we trucked it over to the afterparty in god knows where downtown (east of downtown? train tracks were involved) to this warehouse .... that was pretty amazing until the helicopters and cops showed up around 330. side note: lil john was there, not that i really know who that is, but it seems like a big deal to everyone else, so ... yeah. cool.

the night was quite fun and friend-filled, which will always make me happy regardless. a friend from nyc is crashing with me for now [he just sleep-mumbled, "tell me when to get up, you're in charge," ha.] so i guess we'll head out to brunch and see where this los angeles sunday takes us.

goodness i love weekends.

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