Saturday, February 28, 2009


vogue italia via fotodecadent

a. i love this editorial in this odd way...
b. i'm sorry i've been so bad about blog maintenance since coming back for ny. this is the first time i've had to myself in days it seems....and it will be shortlived since i'm out to a movie and then three birthday parties this evening (why does everything happen all at once?) it is nice to be busy and see friends though. so nice.
c. this is completely unrelated and irrelevant but there was a very cute boy with long curly hair at this party i attended last night. verrrry cute. apparently he has a girlfriend. (who are these alleged 'girlfriend' characters anyway.....i mean really.)
d. it's 80 here. 80 degrees. it's also february. just saying.
e. i'm stopping my list of useless information but i've been enjoying making lists lately.

the end.

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