Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just another day in paradise

so in an attempt to a. not have to rewrite the details of my trip and b. follow some almost always prudent josh-advice, i have opened up my moleskine to you. this is a first (as far as i know...) and it feels quite scary, since i write for myself, to myself. i'm mostly banking on the fact that no one will actually take the time to read this (as colorful as it may be, sprinkled with rodarte, and phillip, and chloe) and that it (as far as i can remember) is not one of my crazy-obsessive rants. only fashionandnewyork obsessed here. and damn, that's a good feeling.

so let me run through the points you might be most interested in ::

I MET PHILLIP LIM. if it wasn't enough that i got to go to the showroom, touch the entire f09 line, even try some of it on, and eat a beautiful salad while tall and beautiful ladies modeled what we pleased, I MET PHILLIP LIM. he came over to speak to susan, i was introduced by Wen, his lovely and kind partner in crime, and he walked us around the room showing us his favorite pieces (all of it really). i was in pure and absolute heaven. and i kid you not, phillip put a belt on me. i thought shaking his hand was enough, but the man practically dressed me. i'm getting carried away for highlights, so if you want to read details about how kind he was, refer to the above photos. (i got some pretty beautiful photos of the showroom and an adorable snap or two of mr lim himself but i'm debating whether or not it's okay to post for now they'll lie dormant but i do ohsohope i can share the beauty with you.)

FASHION SHOWS ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. I went to Milly, and while it was no Marc or 3.1, let me tell you, it was a high like no other. the room fills up with flashes and chattering and people until a man comes out and pulls the tarp back from the runway. the lights go down. the lights go up, the music pounds, the models stomp out. CHILLS. the energy is insane. i need to do it again and again and again as much as is humanly possible.

the rest of the trip was entirely amazing, and i'll post a few photos of odds and ends tomorrow but for now i'm heading to bed, i am running on four hours of sleep and up much later than i anticipated. still running on a newyorkfashionhigh.

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