Monday, February 16, 2009

catwoman, 2009

i'm going to follow suit and mention mr alex, because, well, he's alexander wang.
(and isn't that so great for him, and all 24 year olds really, that that means something?)

anywho, so i'm a big fan of the cutouts,
the latex-y croc blazer,
and the slashed
(or herve-esque? hard to tell) leggings.

and hellooo, beautiful one shoulder dress.

so every piece wasn't my favorite, but i didn't hate the entire thing either, and i don't feel disappointed in him. let's be realistic people, he is 24, he's not god, and hopefully he will have a looong career in which every collection will not be the best he's ever done. that's how it works.

he's still alex and still fabulous.
(and everyone knows it, i mean he's obsessed with hooters, how great is that?)

and my lovely friend debbie sent me this brief
nytimes profile of alex, it's pretty cute.

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