Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this is a complete digression

(or maybe not, color, pattern, texture, gaudy-ness? it's just a normal post for me...)

the restaurant
my favorite!! the tall and short
(just heaven)
wilhem tell
love nest

current obsession :: the madonna inn. it's in san luis obispo. it has 100 themed rooms. it is AMAZING. seriously seeeriously amazing.
the shag carpet, velvet brocade fabrics, the gold chandeliers, the ROCK, the complete mash of everything amazing...

i am dying to go. now. please.

but, if you can't actually go, just visit the website and check out the rooms. i had a good thirty minutes (hour?) of laughter with friends.

ed. note: 'love nest' and 'just heaven' are the given names of said rooms. i couldn't come up with that genius on my own. i'm just sad there's no photo of 'floral fantasy' up because it sooounds like a dream.

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The Fashion Fiend said...

So funny that you mention this because I live in San Luis Obispo! :P