Saturday, December 20, 2008

several thoughts ::

1 \\ adam brody, you are my one true love. why haven't you found me yet? it'sbeenawholeyearatleast.

2 \\ for forever i've had these dreams which include me walking like a complete badass. not centered around that point necessarily, but inclusive of it. this is exactly what it's like ::

if only i could walk like this in real life. i think my actual walk is something more like a skip-shuffle. awwwkward.

3 \\ some mta workers made fun of the mink i was wearing last night to my's the thing i don't understand :: i don't eat meat. the fur coat was given to me by a family member, it's 50+ years old. i do wear leather (because at this point i can't really figure out how to get around it and there is still something different to me between wearing animal and ingesting animal, though it's killing nonetheless. can someone please make amazing non-leather belts and bags and shoes that are reasonably affordable?? basically i don't feel completely okay about this but...i do it anyway.) i'mnotperfect. i don't feel thaaat guilty about the coat. the mink(s) have been dead for twice my lifetime, i did not purchase it so i am not monetarily supporting the fur industry. the biggest issue is that in wearing it one assumes i condone said industry. i don't necessarily. but i don't think that if we were to stop killing animals for their hides that should mean we should burn all of the leather and furs in existance.

but basically :: what's the difference exactly between wearing leather and wearing fur? most of us (and i'm sure these mta workers are no different) wear leather. have cars with leather interiors. maybe a leather chair or two sitting around the house. and most of us (probably these mta workers as well) also eat meat. i by no means mean to incite anger amongst the anti-furs of the world -- i just want to understand.

4 \\ i am finally back on the east coast after one tortuous and sleepless night spent between airports and planes and mean transit workers (nice ones too). it's beautiful here...and i get to see my home friends S in particular that this photo reminds me of ::

but mind you, not because of the naked lady (though i'm sure she looks just this great naked too!), but mostly because tom ford is HER one true love (T aside :) and he's such a badass in this photo it's ridiculous...anyhow, i'm excited to see her and all my loves!

5 \\ nice boys are nice. ones that don't call are overrated. (repeat repeat repeat)

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Lauren said...

I totally agree with everything you said about fur, people wear leather ALL the time and when you wear vintage fur it's totally unacceptable? I think people should keep their opinions quiet sometimes. I'm sure you looked absolutely darling anyway!

x x x